Preference #64: He Sees You Crying 

  • Liam:  Liam just wants to help. He wants the resolve the issue so that it never makes you cry again. He will sit you down, give you a warm cup of tea, and talk it out with you. He’ll listen to the story and offer some advice or prospective until you have both figured out a solution and you’re no longer crying. He wraps you up in his arms and makes you feel safe again. You constantly apologize for crying in front of him and he shakes it off, “I hate to see you like this, but I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down in front of me.”
  • Niall:  He finds himself completely lost, having no idea how to handle the situation. He was never the best at handling emotional women so he will just plunk himself down beside you and rub your back, tears gathering in his own blue eyes because it physically hurts him to see you upset. He just wants to make it better but he has no idea how so he will offer you physical comfort in the form of his famous Horan hug. You keep your face in the crook of your neck and after a while let out a small laugh, “I got tears all over your shirt.” You moved your head back and he put his hands on your neck and pulled you forward and kissed your forehead. “I don’t mind, now let me see your beautiful smile.” You looked at him and cracked a half smile and he laughed, “There’s my pretty girl.”
  • Louis:  His automatic response to any remotely uncomfortable situation is to start cracking jokes. He will tell one corny joke after another until you let out a watery laugh between the tears. Once he can get you to calm down enough to talk, he will listen to the problem and spin it in such that will have you laughing in seconds, helping you realize that your issue wasn’t nearly as big as it seemed. You thank him after it’s all said and done and he half smiles, “I grew up with all sisters, I understand things get hard. I’m glad you didn’t bottle it up though, no matter how small the issue you can always come to me.” You look up at him, tears still glistening in your eyes and smile. “I know, thank you, I love you.”
  • Zayn:  Zayn has never been the best with words so instead of trying to get you to talk, he’ll wrap you up in his embrace and cuddle you until the sobs subside. He’ll wait until you’ve caught your breath and wiped the tears and then kiss your head lightly, listening as you start to slowly explain to him what happened. He won’t say much, offering a nod or a hum of acknowledgement until you let it all out. When you’ve finished venting, he’ll carry you to bed and wrap you up in your duvet, crawling in beside you and humming lightly until you fall asleep in his arms, your worries completely forgotten.
  • Harry:  His only thought is how to make you feel good again. He just wants to see you smile or hear your laugh, just to know that he can brighten your day. He’ll gather you up in his arms and smatter kisses all over your face, simultaneously wiggling his fingers against your sides until you’re shaking with laughter. You look up at him, “So are those happy tears or sad tears?” He moved his index finger up to your face and started wiping away the tears that had been running down your face. “They’re happy tears now, thanks for making me feel better.” He pulled you into his arms again and started rubbing your back. “Anytime babe.”

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