Preference #55: You Give Him The Silent Treatment After A Fight 

  • Liam:  "Hey (Y/N)?" You ignore him completely and focus on your reading. "Hey. Hey, (Y/N)? I know you can hear me." You continue looking down. He grabs the book out of your hand. "Hey, whats wrong?" You ignore the eye contact and move your leg over and get up. He pulls you down by your waist. "Please talk to me." He begged. He continued looking at you until you finally cracked.
  • Niall:  You were fixing dinner in the kitchen when he came out of his room. You two had a fight earlier that day and he had been hiding since. You finished up your dinner and put it on a plate and sat down. "Is there any left for me?" He walked over to see the empty pots and pans. "Okay, never mind. I guess I can order in. Want me to order you dessert?" You continued eating, ignoring his every word. He came over and sat down next to you. "So that's how we're going to play, okay. Well, I'm really sorry about earlier. I overreacted. Please, please just talk to me." You continued eating. He got up and walked away, "Niall?" You asked him and he turned around quickly. "Can you get me a hot fudge sundae?" He smiled, "That's my girl."
  • Louis:  You were sitting in the living room watching TV when he came in. "Hey can we talk?" You ignored him and turned the volume up louder. He got in front of the TV, "Seriously?" You shut the TV off and pulled out your phone and started looking at Twitter. He texted you, "Talk to me." You looked up at him. "Rea-" You stopped before you could finish speaking. "I got you to talk to me! Now come on babe, I'm so sorry about earlier. You know I'm an ass sometimes."
  • Zayn:  You were sitting on the bathroom floor, wiping the tears away from your eyes. He kept knocking on the door, "Come on babe, please open up." You continued to ignore him and got in the shower. When you were done you changed back into the same clothes and walked out of the bathroom. "Babe, please," He whined at you. You walked past him, brushing your wet hair. He followed behind you, put his hands on your waist and spun you around quickly, kissing you softly. "I'm so sorry." You looked up at him and nodded, "I am too."
  • Harry:  You were sitting on your bed with your laptop watching a TV episode online. He came into the room, "Can we talk?" You ignored him and moved your eyes back down to the screen. He came up to you and pushed the laptop screen down and moved it away. He sat down near you on the bed and you got up immediately and he pulled you back down and started tickling you. You started laughing uncontrollably, "Talk to me! Please." He begged as he tickled your waist. "Fine! Fine I give up!" He leaned over you, "I'm sorry." He moved down and kissed you softly. "I'm sorry too, babe."

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